Lessons in Togetherness

It has been almost 2 years since my last post.


The result of a season of processing and change. Trying to determine what was next.

I spent the time reading much, doing the usual homemaking day-to-days, traveling and simply investing in family - together.

I have always felt isolated in life - different - whether by faith or interests or sheer independence. But the past 2 years have bread a togetherness in our family and a peace in our souls I just can't put into words.

It has been beautiful.

It has been timely.

It hasn't been without bumps and bruises... but the rough patches have served to make us stronger and dig deeper together.

Now, 2022 has been the capstone in this process, bringing equal measures of challenge and celebration. The excitement of traveling together to old and new places has been intermingled with health diagnosis after health diagnosis, some confirming years of struggle.... others completely unexpected and nearly devastating. I have had to learn a new way of life. In the midst of all the cans-can'ts-shoulds, I need to eat different, go through regular P.T. and reconsider the structure of each day in the midst of this housewife life which, traditionally, has made greater demands than I am currently capable of.

But I am not alone. 

God is my everlasting strength and over the past 2 years, He has reminded me of the power of togetherness in family.... of the support and encouragement they are... "alone" is truly a choice and He was calling me to walk into the embrace of together. I am so blessed for that simple fact. It is work - but it is a good work - growing and molding not just our family as a whole, but me personally as well - making me more pliable to shake off loneliness and embrace togetherness more wholeheartedly.

As I maneuver the newness of this stage of life, doors open for opportunity, hubby and I as a team, pushing ahead in a venture which has been a lifetime dream of mine and I am blessed all the more. (more to come on this)

God has not put us in a place of utter loss, rather, he has moved us to a place of new opportunity - together.


This has been a 5-minute Friday installment on "together".

Also, big announcements coming on the Blog and social media. This past year I lost my Faith and Home domain but we are working on an alternative as we also prepare for a HUGE endevour - stay tuned!

To keep up on the in-between, visit my Instagram account... I will see you here soon!

Comment below with lessons you have learned in togetherness!


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