Unexpected Travels

I'm on a road I did not expect. I'm grateful for good insurance as I travel this stretch of highway with younger cars buzzing by. I'm not quite the slow gray-hair hugging the shoulder, but recent test results remind me I'm certainly slowing down. It's not suppose to be this way.

I suppose we all say that with the unexpected... a wayward child, relational challenges, bank account too low too often, an unexpected death in the family... Yet for me, each occasion to cry "Why?" is laced with peace in knowing Who is in the driver's seat, although that doesn't always erase the fidgeting over here on the passenger side.

I'm not "old" by any metric. I watch women half-again older than me doing 3-times more than I can. My mind spins, I question, I wonder... more tests... more stretch of road... and as the wheels roll I remember God's Word for me this year: Peace and all the different angles He keeps leading me to explore this mighty gift He has given.

Jesus was much younger than I when he spoke of peace. He wasn't slowed down by the unexpected or ailments altering His ambitions. Nothing is "unexpected" in the Kingdom of God. Jesus knew what was coming, something none of us have ever had to experience, yet even in the face of His challenges he spoke of Peace.

I may nurse my aching heart for the moment but tomorrow I will wake up and I will hold onto peace, I will travel this long dusty road knowing I ride along not alone and not without hope. Maybe it IS suppose to be this way because the Lord of the universe has our destination set and the journey is an important part of the destination.


How about you? When hard times or unexpected news hits, how do you roll over the road of life? Not the surface "Oh I'm fine", but deep down are you able to measure in peace?

This has been a 5-minute Friday installment on "Road".

Blessings for your journeys down this road of life,

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4 thoughts on “Unexpected Travels

  1. There’s no reason to shout Why,
    I don’t have to throw a fit.
    Cancer’s marked me down to die,
    and so I just get on with it.
    There’s much to do yet in this life,
    still a lot for me to give,
    like help I have for my dear wife
    to understand that she will live
    beyond horizon of my death,
    and that it’s truly OK
    to smile, and draw a pure deep breath,
    and look to a future day
    of grace and hope and victory
    past the hell she’s had to see.

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