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"Life Happens"... it is a common phrase we all speak right now. It is how we explain missing deadlines, or forgotten appointments, or glazed-over moments. In-deed, it may be trite but it is most emphatically true.

Life happens.

In July, after years of waiting, God opened the door to start a publishing company and begin writing books. With piles of ideas and inspiration from my long wait, I wasn't sure where to begin so I prayed - a most assured way to discover clear paths.

God said to write about "homeschooling"... so homeschooling it has become. The idea was simply, This Homeschooling Life, and as I set out to tap my book into existence, smaller off-shoots began to reveal themselves. I was delighted to see the vibrant series being birthed from simple obedience.

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First was Lessons... the words just fell across the pages quicker than I could type. The multiple stages of editing were never a chore, even though I had lived these trials and tribulations, they were a joy to read again-and-again. Reviewers seemed to agree as well.

Then, back to the keyboard to continue work on our flagship. A routine was developing which allowed me ample time for promotion, involvement in groups, social media posts, and an ambitious timeline for subsequent books in the series while still getting a hot dinner on the table and making it to all necessary functions and chores. I felt confident and ready... then this happened:

Yes, I have been wanting a dog since I had to give mine up 30 years ago when I moved west. But I was NOT planning on one now, not in the middle of trying to get a business off the ground and write a 9-book series! I do believe God had other plans though. Molly Darling (a nod to both the newer Underdog movie and Lady and the Tramp) entered our home as an 11 week old Cocker Spaniel, halfway through the writing process on This Homeschool Life.

Training a puppy is no easy task with time-consuming expectations and trials to any level of patience! However, in light of certain health issue diagnoses I had this year, she has helped me do the things I have needed to do even more than write books. The increased demands and activity have been good for the body but not so great for the deadline projections!

Perhaps you are here because you saw this in your weekly TOS Newsletter:

This Homeschool Life was due to release on Friday, November 11th, after being bumped from Friday, November 4th..... as I type this, we are shooting for Monday, November 14th, in preparation for the above ad campaign. And Devotions, off to the left in the promo, has been bumped to January 1st at current. Why? Because,

Life Happens.

I can try to posture as though I am Doubleday or Lifeway or Penguin Publishing... but I am not... I am little ole Amanda Jones trying to start Faith and Home Publishing, a mom-and-pop spin off of a 14 year blog which started as a way to cover homeschooling and grew to become "Faith and Home" covering Faith, Home and everything in-between. I DO take this business seriously... but I also have to take this day-to-day life seriously as well. One which contains puppies and doctors appointments for 6 people and dinners to be cooked and elder care and surgeries and time still to breathe.

So today, with two hats on, one for Amanda Jones and one for "Faith and Home Publishing" I thought I would tap out a post to share my heart and hope for this business as life continues to happen. Molly coming to live with us has taught me a new version of balance and the supreme importance of realistic expectations. My ambitious schedule was admirable, with eyes on Jesus to reflect Him in all of life, homeschooling or otherwise, but I feel this reflection is best broadcast at a wider pace. Our series is still slated to launch:

However, launch dates are still on the drawing table as we work out the details, step-by-step. My HOPE is to complete the series by July, the reality is in God's hands where it belongs. If you have any questions on this series or would like to be part of our review teams as various books launch, please comment below and I will be glad to get back to you.

Continue to check-back in on the website and follow us on social media, links are on the side bar to your right, the most up-to-date announcements will be there. Thank you for peeking in on our journey!


This second book release was unplanned yet inspired by Lessons, it is a a guided journal/planner ideal for homeschool families to help remember their homeschool days! Another "life happens" delay is my plan to shoot a video of how to use this book! Click on image to learn more...

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