HMJ: Digging Out and Moving Forward

[Original Post: 1/26/2019].... It has been the week of two snowstorms and continued disruptions to our regularly scheduled programs!  However, we kept stepping and moving forward and I am pleased with how we wrapped our week up strong.

Sunday we learned that our furnace chimney is leaking and water is spreading through the walls between the living room and kitchen!  We shot out of the gate hoping and praying insurance will take care of it since it may-or-may-not be an issue for the contractor who replaced our roof a few years ago.  None-the-less, I started the week having to remember: God has got this!  The stress could have been overwhelming without that mantra as we stepped forward!

Monday, snowstorm #1 hit.  Hubby's car was having problems with the weather this past Friday so we decided I would drive him to work in mine on yucky days since I needed a vehicle to drive Brenden to and from work (yes, he is 18 and still working on getting a license...and a car!)  This wouldn't be too big of a deal except hubby's new job is an hour round-trip drive!  Late starts were kind of our thing at the beginning of this week!  So much for well-laid plans!!

Brooke and I got a wild hair to go for a winter walk after our studies were done.  Mid-snowstorm we ventured out and chose a conservation area we had never visited.  Snowy adventures are a fave to both of us and we were reminded how a person can burn more calories going for walks in un-shoveled terrain then regular pavement least when there has been a considerable amount of snow!

 If you look closely at her boots in the last picture, you can see how deep the snow was in spots!

Tuesday, after schoolwork was complete, Ashley and her pup joined Brooke and me for another winter walk, this one in the sunshiny calm between the two days of storms.  We took to the cliffs around our city this time and all three of us decided to try for some photographic artistry.

Wednesday, storm #2 hit and it was worse than the first one, making for messy travel. 

We hunkered down and got some schoolwork done.  Brooke was super bummed when youth group got cancelled on account of the roads.  I was equally disappointed when I still had to drive in it to get hubby from work!!  He works down the end of a remote road I thought should be re-labeled as an "ice rink" after this week!  I'm grateful for all the ways God spared me in close calls as I ventured out each day.

Thursday we dug out.  Brooke completed her coursework and then helped us make the driveway navigable.  Hubby is talking snow blower in the near future and, as much as I enjoy the "work out" of shoveling... I wouldn't complain to have some mechanical help!

Friday Brooke typed up her first resume!  She has been applying to jobs since her birthday and one of the positions she is hoping for required a resume.  We jumped online and searched, "Resumes for High Schoolers", and found some great models which she adapted to her own needs.  Some tips for those who may be interested:

  • GPA above 3.5 can be listed with high school (homeschool) and graduating year in first line of resume info
  • Volunteer work scores big points on non-work-experienced resumes
  • Sports and club activities can fill some space and show that your teen isn't sedentary

Saturday we wrapped up our week by attending a pastoral meeting to sort of meet and greet and get our name 'out there' for women's ministry work in our regional association of churches.  I shared Brooke as my lovely assistant and she truly enjoyed the time and fellowship.  It was especially exciting for one pastor's kiddos who were there when they recognized Brooke as their Bible teacher from backyard Bible club this summer when Brooke served as a Christian Youth in Action Missionary!

All-in-all, it was a sturdy week!  Our shaved-down curriculum plans and daily schedule is a welcome reprieve and provides ample opportunity to multi-task and adventure!  We do end up gabbing more than we should, but even on particularly talkative days, Brooke is typically done with ALL of her schoolwork no later than 3pm (a huge improvement from her 5:30+ finish time before Christmas break). 

This coming week may have its hair-raising moments with insurance company juggling, Newsletter deadline (info below if you are interested in signing up to receive a FREE copy), and hubby's work going on lock-down if the laborers decide to strike (he is in I.T. and they retain the office workers when strikes happen!).  At least life won't be dull!!  Brooke will probably be happy for clearer roads... her ONLY complaint about all the snow (she LOVES snow) was that she couldn't get any driving practice in!

How was your week? Any big plans for the new one ahead?


** Brooke graduated in 2020, the youngest of my students finally gone. My connection to homeschooling is not complete though. In the summer of 2022 God called me to write a series on our experiences. After all, once a homeschooling mom, always a homeschooling mom! A month doesn't go by where someone reaches out to me to ask questions about our homeschool journey. I have decided to slowly shift my homeschool posts from my original blog over to this space so visitors who like my books can find more content on the subject. Please visit link in text if you would like to see more... or check back regularly for more content here!

By the way... have you seen the books out so far? Click on images to learn more....

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