Best Intentions

I began blogging 14 years ago. At first it was as a measure of accountability when we first started homeschooling. I wanted the external drive to SHOW we really were learning as well as the opportunity to share with family who lived far away so they could see what this crazy homeschooling thing looked like.

Over these years my blogging grew. It moved from sheerly academic to something more personal. To share LIFE and heart and even homemaking and God's Word. I have had my up-years where posts regularly appeared throughout the week... and my down-years where few or even zero entries were made... because, fact is, as a homemaker blogger, LIFE always came before words on the internet and sometimes life was relentless.

Starting my publishing business this past summer seemed to promise the stability I had known in those up-years: I would be regularly working on book content, site content and socials. However, like the past 16 years, the previous 7 months have been anything but regular... and certainly not reliable.

They say the key to getting a business off the ground nowadays is consistency. I was raised that integrity is an integral part of one's personality - doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. I have made many promises and promotions on this site while delivering on few. I'm not proud of that but I can also honestly say - LIFE has been relentless.

The seeds of stress were planted this past fall, making me a bit crazy with ambition and overly optimistic about my ability to deliver. I planned to take December for down-time and regrouping but this turned out to be right about the time everything began to unravel.

I couldn't see it then for what it was and, come January, I figured I would pick pieces up, make big plans and drive to meet goals. I believed this vigor and focus would fix everything... until I found myself hanging on by that last thread.

I am planning to share, in as much detail as I can, what has been happening here over the last few months. It has been a hard path to walk. At certain points it looked as though I would have to do life alone and give up on the writing I truly feel God has called me to. I have hurt with some of the deepest hurts and prayed some of the most fervent prayers... in the end, God has answered and He is healing. I am so beyond grateful for His care and strength through it all, for when I had nothing left to hold onto, I still had HIM.

I am not going to make any detailed promises going forward. As life does get back on track, with a bit of new thrown in, I am hopeful and I am still working to follow God's lead through Faith & Home Publishing. Thank you to those who visit and read regularly. I look forward to sharing my story and testimony soon. Please pray for guidance as I work out the wording and find restoration in articulating the hard and the healing.


P.S. I do stand by my New Year Post and the ambitions for Faith & Home Publishing. Time frame is questionable but directives stay the same. Let me know what you are looking for as a reader and Follower!

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