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Bible Studies

"Abiding Love" is a 20 lesson study on 1 John, exploring the over-arching message of how to abide with God and live a life where He is abiding with you. Study comes complete with a split-page copy of 1 John for notations, as well as worksheets for each day.

"A Light To My Path" is a month long Bible study diving into Pslam 119, stanza-by-stanza. Decorated in an autumn theme to be considered as LIGHT in the darkness, this study is encouraging and educational no matter what time of year you dive in.

"Love Is..." is a month long Bible study correlating the whole of scripture to the tenets of 1 Corinthians 13.  Have you been longing to learn how to love as Christ calls us to?  You may want to check this study out.

"Choosing Gratitude" is a 20 day study designed for the Thanksgiving season with an eye on the real Source of gratefulness and how choosing an attitude of gratitude isn't just for the good times (or just for November) but is for all the times, no matter the month of the year.

"The Joy of the Christmas Message" is a 25 day advent study exploring Jesus pre-eminence, anticipation and, ultimately, His birth. The reading chart and study template prompt readers to see the story of Christ's arrival with new eyes for the timeless truths His birth brought.

Chronological Bible Read-Thru Series

A FREE printable monthly Bible read-through plan for serious students of Scripture. In this series we will read-through the Bible in Chronological order on a 6-day-week schedule. Designed for success, this series will have you proudly completing your Bible by the end of the year! Intended for a simple 10 (+/-) minutes a day read-through NOT to replace a regular deep-dig Bible Study, however, this plan also comes with tips if you want your read-through to be your deep-dig!

January - The first installment of a monthly Chronological Bible Read-through plan starts in the beginning with Genesis and comes with an introduction for how to stay on task and use this plan for a quick read-through and/or deep study.

February - Month 2 of our read-through plan picks up in Exodus and travels through multiple books throughout the month. After an intro to the month's reading plan, is a review of tasks and encouragement for both quick read-thru and/or deep study.

 March - We will finally exit the Pentateuch (first 5 books) this month and enter into the life of David and the reign of kings. We will even get to soak up more poetry as we enjoy the inspiration of God through David in Psalms. The adventures really begin!

 May - A month for Psalms as we play catch-up with some of David's many reflections. All of May will provoke thought as to how we live (Ecclesiastically) and Whom we serve. The intro will explain our catch-up mode and the whole of the month will inspire!

 April - This month we explore the life of David along with some of his accompanying Psalms which resulted from various experiences. Before the month ends, Solomon will step in to reign and share his God-given wisdom after his father's passing.

Homeschool Life

"Memories From This Homeschool Life" is a full-page (8x10) printable version of the hard and paperback installment you can find on Amazon. Meant to act as a journal/memory keeper of your homeschooling days. Also a great companion to "Lessons in This Homeschool Life: If I Knew Then What I Know Now"

"Dear Homeschool Mom Without a Degree" is a letter excerpt from "This Homeschool Life: Faithfully and Confidently Walking Out a Call To Homeschooling", intended to encourage the weary mama who may either lack self-confidence to push ahead when she has no degree to teach, or is under pressure from those who criticize such.


Daily Scheduling Worksheet is a full page version of the copy  shared in "Lessons in This Homeschool Life: If I Knew Then What I Know Now" This daily-weekly time tracker chart is helpful for any of life's scheduling!

Grocery Shopping and Errand Day just got a bit easier with this simple guided list maker. Broken into the the typical store sections, this worksheet will save time and energy as you shop-by-section. Complete with side column for jotting additional errands and stops.

"What's for Breakfast?", "What's for Dinner?", "What's for Lunch?"... questions repeatedly asked throughout each day of the week are easier to answer when your menu is planned out! This blank 5-Week Menu worksheet is daily divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner with added sections for tracking needed groceries and other notes as you plan.

"What''s for Dinner?" is a daily question in our house... more easily answered with this handy menu worksheet. Blank and flexible for use in any month, simply fill in the dates and get to work planning good food to make! Also comes with sections for jotting down needed groceries and other notes.

Looking for a little organization and menu planning help? This set of pages will help you plan and coral all your Thanksgiving dinner details.

Who doesn't love a cute Recipe card? These will have you ready to record and exchange your favorite recipes this Thanksgiving. 4-per page - recommend printing on card stock.

Cute recipe cards for the Christmas season! Use to track your holiday favorites or fill out to give as gifts to friends and family. 4-per-page, recommend printing on card stock.

More cute recipe cards for the Christmas season! Use to track your holiday favorites or fill out to give as gifts to friends and family. 4-per-page, recommend printing on card stock.

Do you feel like you just can't keep up with all the to-dos and details of the bustling Christmas season? The Homebody's Guide to the Christmas Season can help! Packed with organizational sheets for EVERYTHING from Christmas card lists to holiday parties... from Christmas cookie trackers to the big Christmas dinner prep... even some fun Christmas count-down activities the whole family, young and old, can enjoy!


A blog highlight book written for the 8th anniversary. It is an inspirational favorite article compilation on Faith, Home and Homeschooling!