In the Silence
For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him
Best Intentions
I began blogging 14 years ago. At first it was
Making Marriage a Priority
We couldn't be more different than night and day, my
HMJ: Digging Out and Moving Forward
[Original Post: 1/26/2019].... It has been the week of two
New Year, New Hopes
I am notorious for impromptu breaks. A long-time friend recently
Thanksgiving in ALL Circumstances
As Thanksgiving knocks on the door, memories pour in. Thoughts
Keep It Simple
So Thanksgiving week is actually here!  Wow.  Is it just
The Many Hats of a Homemaker
In life we all wear many hats. As women, our
Forgiveness and a Path to Gratitude
There it was.  This GREAT BIG opportunity, a choice, to
Gratitude for the Impossible
Gratitude is one of those things... it is easy to
Pausing for Seasons of Thanksgiving
We live in a cynical age.  Plain and simple.  An
Visitors on Dark Nights
It was a dark and stormy night.... that is how
Let Your Light Shine
We are continuing this month's theme with "Light in the
Darkness and Light
October has arrived. The weather is cooler, days are growing
How Did We Get Here
I remember... not the usual sepia toned recollection... but a
Listening to smooth jazz seems to calm me as I
Generous Peace
I sat down today to write about peace and it's
The Truth of Success
"Oh, that's right, you're just a housewife..." those words have