Life Lately
Spring has sprung. With it comes alternating warm sunny days
What Are You Thinking About?
I sat pouring over my journal this morning. Epiphanies to
Abiding in a Spirit of Discernment
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits
Spring’s Deception and Sprouts of Hope
As February comes to a close in south-central Montana, a
Abiding in the Practice of His Presence
Oh boy, that title may sound a bit transcendental -
Trad Wives Unite
If there is one thing which seems most constant in
Abiding in a God of Love
Whoever says he is in the light and hates his
5 Excuses to Call it Quits in Marriage: debunked
Valentine's Day is nearing, the annual celebration of love and,
Abiding in a Walk Like Jesus
My little children, I am writing these things to you
The Art of Housewifery: To-do
I've been working on a book for…. hmmmm…. 20 years
Abiding in a God of Light
… “God is light, and in him is no darkness
Planning Takes Practice
Don't we all want to find success in planning? To
Re-Launch Is In The Air
I just finished reconnecting with my books. I will admit,
Resolution Read-Through
The clock is counting down, New Year's is almost here.
Ordinary Feelings and Mighty Spirit: The True Christmas Spirit
Christmas is drawing ever-closer... FIVE more days as I type
When Holiday Home Isn’t Merry
It is hard to believe five years have passed since
Ordinary Mary and a Mighty God
As advent lights our paths this holiday season, I thought
A Guide to the Christmas Season
The images have changed some over the years, but the
Preparing Heart and Home: Week 4
Happy Thanksgiving Week, you made it! We are in the
A Taste of Thanksgiving: Dessert
Pass the plates, it doesn't get any sweeter than Thanksgiving
Choosing Gratitude in Humility
It amazes me, every time I read through Philippians, how
Preparing Heart and Home: Week 3
Can you believe we are hitting "Week 3" in our
A Taste of Thanksgiving: Dinner
Let's talk turkey today!! Seriously, though, what is Thanksgiving dinner
Choosing Gratitude in Trials
We have finished our first week, and first chapter, of