UPDATE: Upcoming Book Releases
"Life Happens"... it is a common phrase we all speak
Gratitude for the Impossible
Gratitude is one of those things... it is easy to
Pausing for Seasons of Thanksgiving
We live in a cynical age.  Plain and simple.  An
Visitors on Dark Nights
It was a dark and stormy night.... that is how
Let Your Light Shine
We are continuing this month's theme with "Light in the
Darkness and Light
October has arrived. The weather is cooler, days are growing
Unexpected Travels
I'm on a road I did not expect. I'm grateful
How Did We Get Here
I remember... not the usual sepia toned recollection... but a
Listening to smooth jazz seems to calm me as I
Generous Peace
I sat down today to write about peace and it's
Announcing Fall Book Releases!
I have teased out some hints for over a month
The Truth of Success
"Oh, that's right, you're just a housewife..." those words have
I can't believe it is finally here! Since I was
Forgetting What Lies Behind
Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it
Lessons in Togetherness
It has been almost 2 years since my last post.